the past two years, real estate has been the focus of many people in the country, restrictions and round and round, many real estate developers have been gradually feel powerless, especially this year, many real estate developers hope to cash, brilliant nine silver ten through various promotions, but many consumers do not buy it, because the people of the traditional promotion method has a strong immunity, it is difficult to sell money purchase, so the volume became very bleak! Not even regular sales! The real estate business is difficult, it will inevitably put the predicament conduction to local real estate network. So as a webmaster, how to crack the local real estate network survival predicament? Let the author talk about his own views of


1: to strengthen the content construction of local real estate network and provide first-hand information to users

to the citizens in the autumn fair, although the volume is very small, but the flow of people has hit record highs, visible people focus on real estate is still very strong, with such a large environment, the local real estate network naturally do not worry about traffic, but these traffic but can’t simply make some false the content of the original, some local real estate news gathering and so on, but steadfast go to the first line of the local real estate business, find their latest promotions, as well as the latest market information! In addition to the positive and the local real estate intermediary companies linked, this helps to reduce their own content update task because, through the free dinner, let the real estate intermediary with new content Everfount


two: to strengthen the construction of the site chain, enhance local property network brand

In fact,

now involves a lot of local real estate website, a local real estate network is just one form only, a local portal, local information classification, local decoration and so on site will have intersection and local real estate, if the local real estate network does not have its own advantages, so the ability to attract traffic will be very poor, so good publicity has become the best way to promote the local real estate network brand image, the SEO optimization way, strengthen the construction of the chain website, improve website ranking, can help to enhance the brand image of the website, after all, the same kind of website, if higher ranking natural, the easier it will be to the trust of users, users it is also easier to find


three: offline activities publicity, enhance local property network popularity

as a local real estate network, must be based on local, to enhance the effectiveness of marketing can use all means of marketing, the local real estate network can cooperate with the local DM advertising company, some magazines, and also some of the local media, with the help of their user resources to enhance the local real estate network popularity, in addition to local real estate network can also organize offline activities, such as what free showings and so on! This activity generally can get the enthusiastic support of the local real estate business! In addition to enhance the site the gas use essay activities, such as the current real estate.

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