with the improvement of people’s quality of life, for some textile products demand is increasing, at the same time to successfully operate a textile shop, the location is a key factor to consider, small as you announced home textile stores location secrets, to help you to worry!

1, grasp the target market customers

in the location, must be carefully considered, not a fad to make the wrong decision, first of all, we should fully type our customers and their needs, in accordance with the individual needs of target customers and take different service modes of monomer consumption and mass consumption, consumer demand for personalized as a key only open a lock.

2, home textile store location to rational thinking

for the site home textile stores, we must consider the rational dimension, don’t make any decisions on the impulse of the mood, if the shop is wrong, will greatly influence the store management way, to be determined in accordance with the target customer location and the required area to determine the size of

3, home textile stores to match up

What is


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