entrepreneurship difficult, no one can succeed alone. To help young entrepreneurs, Xiamen held a college student innovation and entrepreneurship contest, and the creation of female college students special game, highlighting the new generation of young students entrepreneurial style.

win-win innovation, build the future. The day before the second session of China (Xiamen) college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition was officially launched in Jimei, and the second batch of Xiamen city college students entrepreneurship mentor committee business mentor appointment ceremony. At the same time, led by the provincial women’s Federation, the Provincial Education Department of the first Chinese (Fujian) female college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition 18 days will start, highlighting women’s business style.

entrepreneurship competition

mining more good ideas

"organized entrepreneurship competition, is conducive to mining more guests and good ideas, entrepreneurial guidance in advance." The organizer of college students in Xiamen City Entrepreneurs Association President Wei Yongjun opinion, the majority of young entrepreneurs lack of funds and publicity platform in the early days, tax and legal issues involved in the process of entrepreneurship also need early intervention guidance, while the entrepreneurship contest can get free opportunity, but also the exchange of entrepreneurial experience, recommended

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