a shop renovation work is not a trivial matter, not only related to the cost of decoration, but also involves the decoration is to find someone else or decoration companies such things. In short, a shop wants to do a good job of decoration, the work involved is very much. After all, the decoration of the store is not only related to its image, but also to attract customers to play a key role in the pot is also the same. Now, due to the high level of people’s living standards, but also look forward to the dining environment can also bring happiness! Therefore, how to cook rice food store?

first, the first point is the promotion of green rice cooker is practical, followed by personality, taste, enhance the diners’ favor, increase the probability of consumption. So, the decoration should pay attention to what issues?

1, rice cooker in the store to match the color of harmony, the lighting should be based on warm tone, music can be gentle and soothing, and the consumer’s point of order and dining routes to a reasonable layout;

2, the rice cooker can be used to join the tables and chairs, not only the modern sense, but also the effective use of the store space.

two, pot rice restaurant decoration funds how to prepare?

pot Aberdeen investors in the choice of decoration companies to choose a more suitable decoration company, while ensuring the quality of the decoration company to be committed to the completion of the renovation of the provisions of the decoration period.

Xiaobian here to remind you to join the Aberdeen Aberdeen investors, decoration company’s offer or the entrepreneur’s own budget will eventually have no small access. Therefore, it is best to reserve some money in terms of money. But, in the actual decoration, and decoration companies to discuss best stage payments, such as carpentry after pay again, the ground set pay again, check the quality of decoration should be determined before each payment, after passing.

generally, a lot of people because he did not have baozaifan operating experience for the design of shops are not professional, which may affect the decoration effect, therefore, if you want to successfully open a baozaifan franchise, it is best to ask a professional decoration work. So, if you want to decorate the pot shop, with more than the introduction of small series, now you know how to do it?

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