now because of the whole society in the process of city continues to accelerate, more and more migrant laborers in rural areas there are a lot of women left behind, how to help some women left behind to start a business is a lot of people in a matter of concern.

often said "left women Na Tun Xing Cun Park" by the mistress Tan Fenglian led the whole Tun Tun 56 women left behind at the end of 2013, after a year of hard work, the park planted 250 acres of Pitaya has already started paying off and brought considerable economic benefits. At the end of August, pitaya revenue only a household in the village of more than 6000 yuan.

the park is Pingguo County women’s Federation actively implement the county government on the county to promote the implementation of one of the women left behind the technology demonstration base of women’s entrepreneurship, the park infrastructure is gradually improving.

in some women left behind the line should be given the attention of the whole society and help the Guangxi Pingguo County invited some technical personnel for some of the left behind women show a series of training local is very helpful in their business activities.


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