we often hear such a word, a small boat U-turn, open a restaurant selection of small shops operating success rate is high, do you believe it? Do not worry, the following Xiaobian to explain this argument for you. Hope to help you are opening the restaurant business entrepreneurs.

this period we introduce an open small place has hit a hotel owner brand success. The hotel is not only because of less competition, more important is the innovation of hotel dishes, the hotel’s marketing as well as some big city experience to transplant the small local hotel business, will receive an unexpected effect.


for the hotel location and position, my idea is to stand up, if you do more days around the dining, the advantages and disadvantages of it clear in mind, ideas will be more open. Why choose to shop in the Qinhuangdao area, because it has several advantages: here it is not downtown, a relatively small number of competition; around University District, Yanshan University, and Institute, Northeast Institute of building materials and so on, security is relatively good, and the police patrol at two o’clock in the evening; next to the hotel is a overpass, Beijing is the only way which must be passed to Beidaihe home, away from the beach and especially in the past, from the overpass, you can see all the way big billboard "Fu Fang brother seafood restaurant.".

is more important in my career in Dalian experience, not a decent hotel around here. The development of Dalian is not so fast, people’s consumption awareness is still relatively vague, but the hotel business is a special fire. When I try dishes, seafood shops have many business electronic scale adjustment "high": 1000 grams 1200 grams (1 to two pounds of actual said only 9), I see a turbot is at most a pound of 232, that is a hotel a pound of 82, but business is still good. From the point of view, they produced, knife technology does not pay attention to, the food was very rough, authentic seafood is not reflected, is a stew stew. For example, live octopus, he must add pickles, add aniseed, pepper and other aniseed, the fish stew was sticky, especially waste material. In addition, Qinhuangdao is located at the junction of Liaoning and Hebei, almost half of the northeast, so there should be a market for Northeast food. See these, I decided to advocate

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