Chinese the delicacy snacks are many, one of which is a popular delicacy steamed rice, has a great prospect, steamed rice, is the most hot on the market a special delicacy, market demand is very big, is a good choice for business. But if you want to be successful in running a Changfen shop, ready to, so as to resist market competition, create brilliant achievements. So, how to manage it? Do the following three points, easy to earn!

1. site to be appropriate. Can rice rolls for breakfast, or dinner, or even supper, so you can refer to breakfast or a fast-food restaurant business is good place to open stores; local station, intersection, business district and street corner is an excellent shop location, because the flow of people, easy to stimulate consumption.


peer gathering place, consumers tend to produce goods more than three psychological, this is also easy to get tourists; students’ consumption ability is generally high, especially for snacks, the price is not expensive more in line with the students’ consumption, consumer enthusiasm is higher, so the school in the surrounding area to have a place to live in or store rice rolls.

2. store environment better. To have a hot feeling, let consumers see be in full swing scene; and store food, food equipment should be neat, so as to make the consumer appetite, let it have the impulse to buy in order to make purchasing decisions; the store should pay attention to health, to keep clean, so as to allow consumers to eat at ease.

3. will sell better rice rolls. The old West Changfen has always been to "white as snow, as thin as paper, smooth as silk" the appearance is famous in the world, which requires the operator’s proficiency and color to pull Changfen to grasp the very place. Food color and flavor, is the key to attract customers. Grasp the appetite of consumers, is to grasp the stable, loyal source.

features such as the delicacy is very popular in the market, I hope when engaged in such business can also have a good result, to Changfen franchise business mainly do three points, full of sound and colour, is a good choice of the operating position, the two is to create a healthy and comfortable dining environment, three dishes look. As long as do the three aspects, rice rolls franchise business does not want to fire difficult.

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