now in our domestic food market, buffet by a lot of people are welcome, especially some young people, is a kind of self-help Hot pot buffet popular, small share self-service stores catering Hot pot decoration elements.

1, adequate space

self-service stores the number of meals Hot pot catering more, great mobility, customer needs while holding food can keep an eye on their dining table near the situation, can also be a good friend and table with the eyes or actions to communicate. Therefore, to ensure that the self-service hot pot stores in the field of vision is relatively wide, at a glance.

2, spacious aisle

and, because it is so self-help, have to take the district dishes dishes, so often walk in the dining area, and there are a lot of people are in the food, or the food back, if not spacious aisle, it will be very crowded, the customer is not very convenient to walk back and forth. Those to the customer as a dish of great distress.

3, appropriate partition

self-service stores catering Hot pot is to let each consumer feel be not of the common sort at the dinner, enjoy eating enjoy playing.

If a self-service stores catering Hot pot interior space is large, it will put more of the table. Too many tables if you do not make a simple distinction, then in the middle part of the people to go back to eat vegetables, but also need to observe a moment to know where he was sitting. With a brief partition can be divided into a region, but also allow customers to have a certain dining space.

self-service stores in the Hot pot catering decoration design should focus on how to more convenient for customers, the introduction of the above three aspects is around this issue. Therefore, I hope all of the self-service hot pot restaurant investors can from the customer’s point of view, so as to better win the hearts of customers, in order to make money!

for self Hot pot shop owner who, now want to successfully operate a Hot pot shop, to create a good decoration and environment is a very important thing, only to create a good environment to be able to continue to attract customers.


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