as long as the shop to do business, need to deal with customers, will naturally encounter a variety of customers. Some customers are very good, but some customers have a variety of problems, is fully deserve tricky customer. In short, the supermarket business for many years, meet all kinds of difficult customers, for various reasons they asked us to return.

do not give them back and forth, and fear of offending them, give them back and forth, and not afraid of our supermarket goods, so we are always in the tangle of them. However, the author believes that such customers, we should keep calm, do not panic, we should adopt various ingenious measures, maintaining the status quo, to deal with them.

measures one – to their supermarket products hit the "preventive"

talk about prevention, many people would certainly think that the hospital to the patient to fight the "needle", and only the talent will play a preventive". In fact, the author believes that we can also play in the supermarket commodity prevention needle".

because of the supermarket business for many years, have encountered many such difficult customers. Some customers hand to exchange goods, it is not my supermarket items, and argued that is my supermarket goods; some customers, once they did some shopping in my supermarket, but after a few days, do not know his hand is not my supermarket items they urged me to return or exchange them.

we want to give them a push, exchange it, but can not confirm whether the items in the hands of my supermarket goods. Don’t retreat and change it, afraid to offend them, in desperation, because he had shopped in the supermarket, I so, I will have the goods in his hand to replace the.

after that, I was in my supermarket goods each hit "precautionary" in each commodity on both coding machine playing "good" (in their own supermarket commodities prices have played a small ticket, but also not easy to tear off one). In this way should return to the customer.

shop review: in today’s business ranks, there are indeed many difficult customers. Some customers buy goods in other supermarkets, not to say that you are in the supermarket to buy goods. There are customers who have bought the items in your supermarket, but he will get a buy in other supermarket goods to your supermarket let you change, also say a genius before buying in your supermarket goods. Encounter difficult customers, in each of our goods are marked "vaccination", something that is not a good idea.

measures two – a complete electronic cash register, together with a small print ticket, as a basis