in a variety of kitchen products, the frequency of use of the sink is very high, which has been the development of the kitchen market attention. Kitchen sink is a high rate of work in the kitchen of a product, so we are very concerned about the quality of the kitchen sink, in the selection of the kitchen sink, always want to know what brand of kitchen sink. Here we look at the kitchen sink ten brands list, perhaps you will know what brand kitchen sink.

kitchen sink ten brand list NO.1 Franke: relying on the Swiss exquisite manufacturing background, has always been to innovation, quality and enjoyment for the purpose, and is committed to providing consumers enjoy culinary excellence. Business covers home kitchen systems, commercial kitchen systems, bathroom systems, beverage systems and other industrial stainless steel fields.

kitchen sink ten brand ranking NO.2- Kohler: This is a long history of the brand, outstanding quality has impeccable, industry-leading R & D technology, manufacturing process and the icing on the cake, fashion art design, make the brand become a classic Kohler sink.

kitchen sink ten brand NO.3- DELTA: always adhering to the concept of innovation, superior quality and elegant design and best-selling. DELTA water tank in the sanitary ware category, launched the "easy to take care of, always new," the quality of stainless steel sink, to the kitchen and bath life to add unlimited human touch, to create the art of smart products.

kitchen sink ten brands list NO.4- Jie Shi: the product uses the industry’s first-class technology, advanced equipment and strict monitoring system, to create high-quality products for consumers. The function of various products to meet the people’s yearning for the kitchen, at the same time, also let the Chinese and Western Europe aesthetic art like nature itself.

kitchen sink ten brands list: NO.5- positioning in the high-end jade, to the quality of German design, technology, based on the German tradition of rigorous, mild European romantic, collected hundreds of long. The company pursues long-term and steady development, from time to time to lead the founding of the new scene, touch people’s yearning for the quality of life.

kitchen sink ten brand list: NO.6- Merlin international brands, is currently the United States Merlin industry in the mainland investment products. Merlin sink the stretch forming one of the performance is wonderful, flawless white jade, separation of art and life, Merlin water brand, gorgeous noble temperament luxury accessories, complete the function of human conquer sink category, the performance of diamond level of quality of life.

kitchen sink ten brand list NO.7- Sunite stainless steel sink: professional production enterprises, specializing in manufacturing stainless steel sink. The introduction of high quality international standards to the Chinese market

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