with the development of economy, our tourism industry has also been greatly developed, tourism for the economic development of various regions have played a role in promoting. However, at the same time, the development of tourism, a lot of uncivilized tourism phenomenon is frequent. For the uncivilized phenomenon of tourism, the development of relevant policies to be stopped, then, we look at the specific details.

in the future, visitors to the major scenic spots, and then carved on the wall, a visit to the melon up! May 31st, the reporter learned from the official website of the National Tourism Administration, the National Tourism Administration has issued to the Regional Tourism Bureau revised the National Tourism Administration on Tourism uncivilized behavior records management Interim measures. This means that in April last year issued a tourist uncivilized behavior records management Interim Measures will cease to be implemented.

the introduction of the measures, the tourism uncivilized behavior record from 6 to 9. At the same time, recording time from the longest 1 years to 2 years, an increase of up to 1 years to 5 years. It is worth mentioning that the approach also increased the provisions of the regulations for the violation of tourism practitioners, also included in the uncivilized record.

Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau official said, for tourists uncivilized phenomenon, Sichuan is working with banks, industry and commerce, taxation, insurance and other competent authorities to build credibility platform. In the future, if the public into the blacklist, its credibility will decline, will also affect the loan, insurance, etc..


9 kinds of bad behavior will be recorded

"measures" that occurred Chinese tourists in tourism at home and abroad in the process of domestic and foreign laws and regulations, for violation of public order and good customs, causing serious adverse effects of social behavior, into the "tourism uncivilized behavior record". The approach gives a clearer definition of the uncivilized behavior of tourists, the 9 uncivilized acts, including disrupting aircraft, vehicles or other public transport order, etc..

in addition, due to the presence of a major fault Guardian guardian was traveling uncivilized behavior, the guardian will be included in the tourism uncivilized behavior record".

specific point of view, into the bad record uncivilized behavior includes:

disrupt the aircraft, vehicle or other means of public transport order; destruction of public sanitation, public facilities; tourism destination in violation of social customs, ethnic habits; damage, tourism destination of cultural relics; participate in gambling, pornography, drug-related activities; in spite of discouraging, warning and others engaged in endanger their personal and property safety activities; destruction of the ecological environment and wildlife protection in violation of regulations; violation of tourist site regulations, seriously disrupting the order of tourism; tourism administrative department of the State Council that caused serious adverse effects on social recommendation

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