as China’s two-child policy in full swing, also let the baby industry develops quickly, it is a promising industry a lot of entrepreneurs, baby products industry is a hot spot for investment now, a lot of people do, the market competition is very intense, want to have a foothold in the field, need to grasp the industry operating method and sales skills, so as to allow you to shop success, easy to get rich. So, how to open the baby supplies supermarket? This paper made a detailed introduction, with Xiaobian to see it.

Hangzhou children’s home is the world of infants and young children, pacifiers, bottles, sleeping bags, children’s clothing, toys, science and education supplies, skin care products, clothing, everything, the more than and 100 square meters of shops full of dangdang. The owner of the shop is Mrs. Shen Xiaoqin. Parent-child square opened at the beginning, Shen Xiaoqin couple face the situation is not optimistic. Rent 130 thousand yuan a year, the need for a one-time payment; after the renovation of the purse and then a little less than $60 thousand; just opened on the encounter in the seven or eight, nine consecutive months of sales off-season. What the hell is going on?

had opened the baby supermarket, a successful attempt, Shen Xiaoqin decided to do comprehensive supplies. In the parent-child square, small to the baby with a small pin, pillows, etc., there are a variety of styles of a wide range of goods to choose from. Shen Xiaoqin often self mockery for grocery store owner, "miscellaneous goods", is her business characteristics.

she is also spent in the beginning of this predicament, more and more customers, and most of them are two hundred or three hundred yuan to buy a commodity. At present, her "parent-child square" there are more than 2800 kinds of baby supplies, a variety of baby science and education series, toys, clothing, special supplies, such as dental device, nasal aspirator, dedicated thermometer, etc..

good goods need good sources, at the beginning, Shen Xiaoqin has been to Hangzhou several good operating condition purchase baby supplies shop, found a shortcut thought, started slowly but found that high. After several twists and turns, she decided to explore their own, another shortcut. For a time, she often travelled to the major commercial taste baby supplies store, put down the product manufacturer number one copy, and then a link to home, cost down, business is better.

experienced a few months after the opening of the loss of business, the business has gradually improved. Baoding "slight deficit for the year, two years, three years of flat profit" idea, business success. At present, the "parent-child square" plans to open several stores in the nearby suburbs, and also to old customers on the basis of parental child cards, launched the integral system.

to integrate the baby store business is good, Shen Xiaoqin think there are several points need to pay attention to: the goods should strive for the whole new. Baby supplies store first to attract customers with a full range of goods, so as to avoid the trouble of purchasing their mothers. In the selection of goods on the strength of novelty, you can observe some large shopping malls or recommend

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