the development of rural industry in China has gradually moved from traditional to modern, scientific and technological, innovation, which is a challenge to traditional agriculture, but also full of opportunities for innovation. Sichuan province held a pilot reform of agricultural science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship, with a new program to guide the development of rural industries in the direction of science and technology.

led by the Sichuan Provincial Agriculture Commission, the provincial science and Technology Department, the innovation of agricultural science and technology personnel incentive to carry out the pilot reform of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, animal sciences and Xuanhan County, focus on innovation driven development strategy, take the "three measures", "three major achievements".

"three measures": one is to attach great importance to and vigorously promote. Provincial leaders held a special meeting to study the direction of the pilot and major issues. Provincial Agriculture and Industry Committee, science and Technology Department, the Provincial Department of agriculture and other provincial departments in close cooperation, careful planning, strengthen guidance. Each pilot units and scientific and technological personnel firmly support, actively and orderly promote the pilot work.

"three effect": one is to explore the experience, the formation of institutional arrangements. "Sichuan Provincial People’s Government on promoting entrepreneurship and innovation of public opinion" (Chuan Fu Fa 2015 No. 27), "Sichuan Province comprehensive reform pilot area innovation plan" (Draft) has been an important pilot policy and experience to absorb, and promote in the face.

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