entrepreneurial early, a lot of people will encounter financial problems, will be plagued by financial problems, then, how to use existing funds, the use of limited funds to start a business? Might as well come together to understand, a look at how to choose a small business projects?

"good project is the guarantee of success of small business. The initial stage, often faced with the problem of lack of funds, entrepreneurs may wish to find a way to do poineering work without money." The national business division, business mentor certification experts, chief expert of Jiangxi province regional innovation and entrepreneurship center distinguished researcher Zhao Yanchen said, "for example, with the accelerated pace of life, people are willing to spend money to" buy time "of the people, the city courier business came into being. So, similar business can not expand it? To save time for others to all areas, such as the generation of shopping, access etc.."

2007 graduated from a University of international trade professional Wu Xiaoming want to work in a company for a period of time, accumulate experience, and then start their own business. "I want to open a shop to sell sports shoes, but I do not know how to start. I would like to go to Fujian, Jinjiang, which is the production base of Chinese sports shoes, go to those manufacturers can work with manufacturers to establish a good relationship, after the convenience of goods. Zhejiang people are going to shop before the apprentice, such as when they learned the experience of their own shop. I have a junior high school students is also the case, he went to his relatives in the shop to work, opened his own shop last year, has now earned hundreds of thousands of dollars." Wu Xiaoming said.

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