taxi in our each person’s life is very common, at the same time, around the heart in order to better serve some citizens to provide taxi service, have introduced many different taxi reform plan.

The taxi industry reform in Hangzhou city


2600 more than 100 million members of the taxi will withdraw money


management right implementation of the deadline management each lasting 6 years

is an urgent livelihood project for deepening the reform of the traditional taxi industry, and one of the difficulties of this reform is the right to operate the historical burden. The core of Hangzhou taxi deepening reform plan is the mechanism of management right reform, starting from solving the historical burden, this exploration can not only change the Hangzhou taxi development dilemma, but also can provide useful experience for other domestic city taxi to deepen reform.

Some contents of

this reform, especially based on industry practice, the right to operate a free launched clean up and standardize the business relationship for a period of use, the focus of reform. Since January 1, 2015, the city of Hangzhou taxi industry to stop the collection of operating rights paid use of gold, the implementation of the right to operate without the use of. The right to operate has a period of management, each 6 years. After the expiration of the quality of service as the main basis for the credibility of the results of the assessment, priority to the re allocation of good quality service operators. If the test fails, the right to recover the right to operate in accordance with the relevant provisions or agreements.


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