common in our daily consumption in many different types of sushi is nothing more than simple vegetables, but really want to set out the types of sushi, but people are all amazing, if you can open a special sushi shop that would be a good choice.

sushi is one of the traditional Japanese cuisine. The main material is cooked with vinegar and vinegar to maintain the body temperature in the rice block, together with fish, seafood, vegetables or eggs as ingredients, its taste delicious, very popular with the Japanese people. This delicacy is now in the country is especially popular for fresh sushi from the beginning of 1996, based on long-term, after 20 years of development, now is a good example of the development of the industry, compared with other brands for fresh sushi, sushi to join what advantage?

analysis of the advantages of fresh sushi join

for fresh sushi to join the following main advantages:

a, brand advantage

1, sushi sushi directly to join the chain headquarters with the chain system, trademarks, management, products, technology, than to their original career in time, money and spirit to reduce the burden of a lot of. For those who do not have business experience, you can enter into a specialist in a relatively short period of time.

2, in order to improve the whole chain of goodwill, sushi franchise headquarters will be ready to develop or introduce or purchase originality, high value-added goods, leading to product differentiation to competitors, sushi stores directly enjoy the benefits.

3, the headquarters and introduction of advertising, holiday promotions, store none other activities, make sushi stores can be a stroke above in marketing.

4, the chain system is equal to the good reputation, customer reassures customers, for the newly opened shop or is not familiar with the store will have a cordial feeling.

5, before the opening of the pre service training and other equipment, can be assisted by the headquarters of the chain; after the opening will be regularly to do the guidance.

two, other advantages

wide demand: not subject to geographical restrictions, where to open where to open. Sushi China Merchants company to take into account the vast territory of the northern and southern regions of the great differences in customs and other factors to create a special taste of the northern and southern regions are suitable.

easy to make money: the entire store output, headquarters to give you a full range of services, as long as you make an application to ensure that you do not worry about money, do not charge decoration, do not manage procurement, take

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