2012 Christmas business unlimited! What can your Taobao store sell to make the most money? Christmas is also a festival for young people to express their feelings, thus beautiful women will be hot. Xiao Bian to remind the vast number of shopkeepers who, and so on a number of money to prepare it at the same time also made a few small series of unusually popular women’s clothing, for your reference.

single waist skirt coat Plush Christmas stocking


version is great, tailoring stereo, waist slim design, and below the waist is 360 degrees skirt stereo clipping. The upper part of the body, the effect is amazing, even seemingly a very respected cut skirt. It is a magical modified body, light body will become invincible, graceful swaying, slender slim figure collocation to ostrich hair, the aura is completely lost to some of the stars drop…… To celebrate the Christmas Kawai sweater sell fire design of stitching loose striped sweater, warm texture, feel comfortable, smooth, perfect quality. Striped sweater, in the long section of Shanghai with color stripe design, the whole person looks thin and tall, with striped knit stitching design charming, loose style, romantic sense of leisure. Hook flower sweet sleeve + stripe casual style, very sexy charm, full of romantic sense of hierarchy…… The hottest hot dress before Christmas!

Nordic vogue! Christmas fawn jacquard sweater fire!

Jacquard pattern the most popular

has several more beautiful women, you will be wonderful and happy christmas. At the same time, whether it’s a holiday gift for a girlfriend or a single woman’s Christmas date or a party, it’s a good choice.


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