barbecue is delicious, but people do not dare to eat, why? Because the barbecue in the impression of people’s street stalls, health can not be guaranteed, but the current market is barbecue is a very potential market, more and more people began to start barbecue business, open grill has been an important trend of the market. How to do ability to let oneself won’t miss barbecue to become rich opportunity? Small advice if you want to rely on a safety and health, customers may wish to join the brazier grill grill! Flaming Mountains brazier grill is a good choice.

Flaming Mountains jiamengfei

brazier grill

brazier barbecue become a new target to let this chowhound, become this year’s hot brazier barbecue food items, so many of my friends want to buy the brazier grill to own a big, a honghonglie in the brazier grill plan to make money, a lot of people want to know the fire flame barbecue franchise fee is how much the basin below small give your summary.

join fee is as follows:

first tier cities: 1 million 200 thousand

second tier cities: 900 thousand

three line city: 700 thousand

four line city: 500 thousand


is placed in the brazier grill healthy and delicious the same position, a new interpretation and demanding quality standards on the barbecue itself. Xichang brazier grill prices are not the same, which according to each different regions to adjust.

through a small series of reports, believe that for the Flaming Mountains franchise fee is how much the brazier grill are very clear, this is a good


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