the current society is a focus on the value of the value of the society, not only the human is the case, the same store operations. Therefore, only do a good job store image, it is possible to attract more customers to the store. My shop near the train station, where more mobile customers, my husband and I always pay attention to their store image. In order to improve the visibility of the shop close to the husband, while the store spare time, began to practice calligraphy, practice a good hand written on the paper.

such as: "integrity management, fair trade", "thinking of how far we can go far", "Business Flourishes tongsihai", "honesty is the cornerstone of the shop", "Abba, let the soul to travel", "transfer value achievements you and me" and so on and business linked slogans. Then, I put these written characters, to get the embroidery shop installed in the frame, methodically hanging on the wall of the shop, and around the frame with a lantern. The customer into the store shopping, one can see my store decoration slogans are my I shop filled with cultural taste, and some customers say, these signs can be seen from the owner to do business integrity.

once, a young man from Hubei came in and asked, "do you have a 14 yuan package of cigarettes in your shop?" I stood up in a hurry and said, "yes."! You see here are 14 yuan price of cigarettes." The boss gave me two Abba (New Edition)! I saw your shop on the wall pasted slogans, feeling very good moral Abba cigarette, I will buy two to a friend! My friend’s love is the greatest love to go out to visit the motherland I feel to buy cigarettes around the beautiful rivers and mountains of a country, give him appropriate."

listened to such a boast, my heart as sweet as honey. I have to thank the husband’s intentions, husband love the most is love calligraphy, one time began to practice calligraphy, did not think the husband to store all kinds of cigarette sales hobby can do, since the store hanging banners and slogans of the cigarette, the cigarette store was two times higher than before.

a store image for the shop, just as our personal image for our personal development, are extremely important, need to pay attention to. So, as the retailer, we always pay attention to their own image of the store, the shop owner did on behalf of our image, can be said that the store is like a face, we often need to clean every day, wash your face and feel there is dust. Then the shop is like a landscape tree we need to cultivate and trim, to grow into towering trees.

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