there are many varieties of steamed bread, the most primitive is the white steamed bread, of course, now pay attention to a whole grains of health, so the grain bread appeared. And, of course, vegetable buns. Today is to introduce a childhood memory of brown bread.

Shanghai Biaoshi Food Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in catering enterprises. Since its establishment, has been committed to providing consumers with a variety of healthy nutrition and delicious snacks. On November 2015, brown sugar Steamed Buns biaoshi once published to great acclaim, consumers in a continuous line, speed up the reputation. In September 2016, the first phase of 6000 flat biaoshi modern factory officially completed and put into use, the annual production capacity of 500 million, product supply and demand can solve 300 stores, to the nearest distribution biaoshi Yangtze River Delta market provides a strong guarantee.

biaoshi brown sugar Steamed Buns join expensive? How much is it?

biaoshi Steamed Buns brown sugar either from the ingredients or dining environment, in the same industry are so deep a stroke above, consumer recognition, high repeat. The hot market, let biaoshi win the attention of many investors, now biaoshi food stores have been distributed in the city, so that more and more investors to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. So how much money is needed to join Steamed Buns biaoshi brown sugar


biaoshi brown sugar Steamed Buns joining fee is as follows:

join fee: 50 thousand

management fee: 20 thousand

per year

margin: 20 thousand

Compared to

and other brands, biaoshi Steamed Buns has the following advantages: brown sugar

1, win in the image: starting from the brand planning, steamed buns, steamed stuffed bun shop also fashion!

2, win in the quality: really delicious, health, safety, equipment, research and development, production, channel integration

3, win in Innovation: food engineering thinking to replace the empirical process, to achieve standardization of store operations.

4, win in the service: distribution, training, management, service, for the terminal store to do a good job service guarantee!

5, win in value: the price has been able to prove our value and positioning, out of the bottom of the low quality of the quagmire of


6, win in cooperation: employees and franchisees to form a good win-win coexistence system, sharing the profit model of the brand.

7, win >

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