has now become a numerous family of transport, and child safety related accidents is increasing, but under the power of science and technology, the advent of child safety seat, brings protection to children travel safety. Of course, as long as the market was born, the brand will continue to come out. So, the child safety seat which brand is good? Let Xiaobian for everyone to reveal the child safety seat ten brands list.

children’s safety seat ten brands list NO.1: the British treasure

Britax safety seat

also has translated into Britax, 1930s, Britax was established in British Hampshire Andover, 1960s launched its first child car seat, then the company in 80 and 90s began to grow, the business extends to the United States, Asia, Australia and other countries. Today, the treasure is committed to the development of special products for child safety.

children’s safety seat ten brands list NO.2: Spain Jane Nye JANE safety seat

JANE is one of the world’s three largest children’s seat brands in Barcelona, Spain, is the leading manufacturer of baby products in spain. Founded in 1932, the company focused on research and production of safe and comfortable baby products. Child safety seat is the star of the JANE product, is the Spanish royal family designated special safety seat, and Nicole ·,, tiger ·, Woods and other European stars are its fans. JANE entered China in 2014.

child safety seat ten brands list NO.3: Concord, Germany (Concord card) Concord safety seat

was founded in 1978 by the German Concord company, located in the most developed industrial state of Bayern. Concord is one of the three major European car seat brands, Germany Concord company has 30 years of professional production car seat, children trolleys and dining experience, product design to the "children’s car safety" as the starting point.

child safety seat ten brands list NO.4: German Chitty KIDDY seat

KIDDY was born in Munich, Germany, is one of the famous children’s car safety seat manufacturers in Germany, with more than 40 years of industry experience. In 1976, it produced the first child safety seat Ur KIDDY, the product concept is "safe, comfortable, fashionable". 2008, KIDDY began to enter china.

child safety seat ten brand list NO.>

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