candy? Delicious for all ages. Entrepreneurs choose to join the difficult project, open their own candy stores, undoubtedly, is very business choice. Niupi Tang joined the project, the wealth of good business opportunities, entrepreneurial choice!

cheese sugar     desire and international brands have


this’ cheese sugar ‘in condensed milk, pure cream, is a combination of hard and toffee," milk hard candy, and "Alps" belong to the same series." Song Huaming, Minister of production company, said that with the improvement of living standards, people’s appetite for candy is constantly changing. In recent years, cheese sugar in the confectionery market in A new force suddenly rises., with "the milk sugar" Yuha espresso candy "as the representative of the imported cheese sugar become fashionable for a time.

Song Huaming said: at the beginning of the company to determine the new product development plan. Research shows us in more than one city, milk candy has a wide range of consumer groups." It is understood that this summer, the company began developing debugging, and to introduce a $500 thousand production line, they on the end of the month in the District of Guangling food industrial park the new plant will become its main production base.

and international brands compared to the "green" cheese candy can sell it?

face the reporter’s question, Song Huaming is of confidence: "we use milk and other materials, are the preferred materials, not worse than them; more importantly, our unique formula, low taste sweet, crisp taste more and more crisp, suitable for the majority of consumer groups from children to the elderly."

Song Huaming estimates that the cost may be slightly higher than the alps. "But with the help of ‘green leaf’ green food brand, the company is confident in the development of the market." In 2008, the "green" candy was identified Chinese green food development center of pollution-free green food grade products.

not long ago, several Holland merchants came to "green leaves" inspection, the new product has great interest, and has brought back the sample to Holland to find the market.

candy     30 years of "chew" innovative taste

because of the more chewing the more strong and difficult favored, known as the "Yangzhou must" Yangzhou tourism gift market has therefore become one of the main sales channels. However, after 30 years of precipitation, the company responsible for chewing out different tastes.

"this is 30 years, although we have been difficult in the development of the first national counterparts, steady growth, but now increasingly felt by people who travel to Yangzhou with a few boxes of sticky candy, it is difficult to support.

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