in today’s society, Korean delicacy is more and more popular, the majority of Han Ming Dong chowhound Hot pot rice cake extra love, Han Ming Dong’s excellent taste rice cake Hot pot, authentic flavor, good market reputation, now Han Ming Dong Hot pot rice cake by many people’s favorite.

in fact, many entrepreneurs have asked Han Mingdong how to join Hot pot rice cake, the demand from the market to consider, Han Mingdong should be the value of cooperation Hot pot rice cake with more than the traditional food and beverage brands, because it is facing a rising market demand, there will be more broad prospects for development. It is the main force in the South Korean hot pot, with high nutritional value, fashion and fashion, light luxury and taste is known, representing the unique food brand neighborhoods. Taste alone from the taste, consumers will love this brand. Look at the restaurant decoration, hotel services, dining experience and interesting elements, consumers become loyal fans of Obama myongdong.

Chinese people generally love to eat hot pot, but most of the existing food and beverage market in the homogenization of the existence of a serious homogenization of food, food types are similar, similar business model, it is difficult for consumers to be satisfied. Han Mingdong Hot pot rice cake as an innovative delicacy restaurant, actively improve the types of dishes, make innovation with South Korean troops Hot pot Myeong Dong Street quality characteristics, mermaid line style, style, sent the school launched the wild cheese style, is inviting.

Han Ming Dong Hot pot rice cake not only the flagship Korean style Hot pot delicacy, seafood salad and cheese, taste seafood salad, steak, steak, cheese flame flame classic Italian Seafood Soup, tomato soup, Bibimbap, stone pot meal, crispy chicken roe hundred classic delicious. It is no exaggeration to say that the Obama Hot pot is a year-round, rice cake and old love delicacy products. Hot summer, here you want to eat vegetables, cold winter, there are you want to eat vegetables. It is no wonder that many consumers are always here to Lianlianbuwang, it’s enough to make any customer with quality delicacy.

Han Ming hole rice cake in addition to a strong lineup of innovative hot pot cuisine, as well as various types of Korean staple food, fashion drinks, etc., to form a rich array of food products. By virtue of the new decoration, personalized fashion, dishes rich, with the traditional hot pot restaurant has a larger difference, and thus the rapid rise in the market.

Han Ming hole cake hot pot Market Analysis:

enterprise advantage — international concept, senior operation

Guangzhou star class group co founded by industry veteran, is committed to the introduction of international advanced food concepts and fashion food culture, to become a bridge connecting foreign brands and domestic brands.

equipment advantage: European technology, intelligent operation "

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