In November 4th, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, according to the national unified deployment, combined with our province key special allowances for the natural growth mechanism, the province decided since October 1, 2014 to adjust and improve the pension and living allowances for the part entitled groups and other personnel. It is understood that the specific criteria are: one is to adjust and improve the province’s disabled soldiers (including disabled people’s police and staff of state organs, the disabled disabled workers militia) disability pension standards on the basis of the current increase of 20%; two families (including sacrificed soldier survivors, survivors of deceased soldiers) in regular pension standard the average increase of 3343 yuan; three is in the rural old demobilized soldiers living allowance in the existing standard based on the monthly increase of 100 yuan per person, sick veterans in their hometowns in rural and urban non working units "two parameters" personnel, new Chinese before the establishment of rural old party and did not enjoy the treatment of urban retired old members are living allowance on the basis of existing standards raise 40 yuan per person per month. At the same time, living in rural and urban non working units, until the age of 18 have enjoyed regular pension benefits and 60 years of age in the children of martyrs (including former Cuosha Chinese after the establishment of the new staff were rehabilitated children) living subsidy standards, an increase of 70 yuan per person per month in our province on the basis of the current per capita. From November 1, 1954 to 330 yuan per month; for compulsory military service to the resettlement of demobilized soldiers "Regulations" before the implementation of the army, at least 60 years of age (including 60 years of age), did not enjoy the national regular pension benefits from rural areas of retired soldiers living allowance standard, each serving a year of compulsory military service to raise 5 yuan per person per month, each serving a year of compulsory military service 15 yuan per person per month.  

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