Eleven happy and romantic holiday, finally come, look forward to for a long time people finally opened off mode, South into the park, watching the show on tour of autumn, or to stay away for a self driving tour travel, eleven holiday on the first day, the temperature of fresh and pleasant, the autumn leaves, brilliant purples and reds Huzhu Beishan park the Qinghai Lake blue sky, gorgeous, beautiful Qinghai everywhere is a picture of the intoxicating beauty, holiday on the first day of the province’s major tourist attractions appear blowout situation. West, Huang ninggui, Ning Zhang highway driving the team lined up a province excursions, driving the climax, also marks the opening of the eleven public tourist scene.

shapes of the flower beds, the beautiful shape of the potted landscape plants, brilliant purples and reds do not have to go out, first day of the holiday, the people came to the city’s major park colorful autumn…… In October, the most beautiful season in Xining also came in the people’s Park, the population concentrated in front of all the streams of people busily coming and going and chrysanthemum plants, or ornamental, or look, or take a photo, every other front plants are full of people. Not only that, in the Cultural Park, botanical garden, zoo, Begonia park space and at the side of the corridor at any time can enjoy the beauty of the bewitchingly charming, brilliant purples and reds. People wander in a piece of flowers, flowers for the people of Xining have more good place.

zoo into children’s paradise

this holiday for children added a lot of fun, in addition to see lions, tigers, hippos, children can also see the zoo shows all kinds of chrysanthemum, it is understood that this long period, the zoo featured "spring and autumn, Jianshan Tang Yu strong, purple anemone, Rui Gong, Huang Zhongyu, black swan line" more than 100 kinds of more than 50000 pots of chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum children in good color "," flowers of chrysanthemum song "," Ju Yun "shape before the exhibition play play, become another road sightseeing the beautiful scenery.

in a short tour of the most popular

"eleven holidays, family based selection of short-term travel for a family of three people increased significantly, driving up more." The official said, subject to a number of factors, from last year, a substantial reduction in the unit mission, even in the peak tourist season, but also fit the protagonist. During the eleven period of this year, compared with usual travel prices rose, rose from 5% to 10%.

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