this year, East District with "ten low" activities as the carrier, and actively carry out the "six plus four" cultural activities, to enrich the cultural connotation, enhance the cultural quality, the clean government culture extends to all aspects of society, create a strong atmosphere of respect Lian Jie Chong, from the source to build anti-corrosion the wall for Party members and cadres.
"ten low": a study guide is low. By "wind dream really – East District Political Party cadres education reading", distributed to the hands of 1241 party members and cadres, strengthen the daily education of Party members and cadres. Two party corruption. Leaders at all levels in the region a total of more than 50 lectures on anti-corruption courses, education faces up to more than 2000 people. Three is the network transmission. Through the opening of the clean East WeChat public service platform and SMS platform, with a vivid, vivid new way to carry out propaganda and education of Party members and cadres. Four is the base of Hong kong. Organization of the county level, Party members and cadres of about 60 people to the provincial anti-corruption warning education base to visit and learn. The five case is cheap. Organized by the prevention of job-related crimes warning education thematic preaching activities, from the source to build anti-corrosion line. The six is to test the honest examination. Organization of the region more than 180 county level leading cadres to carry out a clean government building knowledge centralized testing activities. Seven is the atmosphere of cheap. To create a 23 light box type 100 meters of clean culture propaganda promenade, the construction of a clean government culture house and honest culture. Eight is the song and song lian. The establishment of the East District of the arts and cultural groups to carry out a tour 15 (times). Nine is the broadcast asked cheap. District Health and Family Planning Bureau, the District Environmental Protection Bureau to report to the people, the people’s comment broadcast series of political activities, political activities, further closer relations between the party and the masses. The ten is committed to cheap. In all Party members and cadres to carry out the rejection of gifts, red envelopes commitment activities.


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