In April 2nd, a reporter from the city bus company five branch was informed that in April 10th 31 bus will be moved into the Lake District Electricity District, in order to ease the local residents travel difficult, and solve the region has no history of departure.

according to the staff, sea lake district is located in the area near the power sector, has only a 37 bus lines through the local residents, thousands of travel difficult problem, trip no extra lines to choose from, the reporter walked into the district to see the 31 way power dispatching room construction is wildly beating gongs and drums is very striking,. Residents Ms. Ma said happily: "before half an hour earlier to work out waiting for the bus, a taxi here rarely, to run far away to hit the car, very convenient, then we will be able to sit on the bus at the door, a few minutes, it was really convenient."

reporter through the bus company responsible person understands that the 31 spent a total of 25 commercial vehicles into the community, on average every 5 minutes, "community bus lines will to some extent solve the residents travel difficult problem, improve the bus lines network construction, the residential public fill blank, to facilitate travel.


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