travel to Xining to eat, want to know which hotel is high, distinctive food? Visitors look at the restaurant "plate" level will know. Reporter learned from the Municipal Tourism Standardization Work Leading Group Office learned that the next two years, the city to carry out the catering industry "golden plate restaurant", encourage catering units continued mining, heritage and promote local food culture, focus on the introduction of the distinctive characteristics and unique flavor, healthy green place, special and excellent delicacy, to create "eating in Xining" brand, promote tourism catering consumption.

August 2014, the city by the National Tourism Bureau identified as one of the third batch of National Tourism Standardization pilot city, I determined to build a system, four projects and ten actions, which carry out the catering industry "golden plate restaurant" is one of them, according to the National Tourism "restaurant facilities and service level" division standard, tourism catering industry services, food quality, service level, health environment, facilities and equipment, management system as the main content, carry out the "catering units of gold and silver and copper grade rating activities to determine the 12 catering enterprises, creating a" gold "tourism catering units 6 more than. Strengthen the daily supervision and management of catering units, grasp the personnel occupation morality, service skills, jobs should be known, the reception etiquette, grooming training and education etc., and effectively improve the quality of services of tourism and catering industry.

what kind of restaurant in order to reach the gold grade restaurant? According to the standard, the restaurant has at least 150 meals, not less than 15 private rooms, there should be room for guests to rest sofa, tea table and racks. Can provide 2 to 16 different specifications of the dining table, more than 8 people are equipped with a round table, dining chair special children and related facilities for the disabled and elderly services, should be with the reception capacity to adapt to the parking lot, parking and other disabled only.

City Tourism Standardization Work Leading Group Office of the relevant responsible person said, some brands and reputation of the restaurant to participate in the competition, Xining catering industry vigorous development and service improvement, this year’s tasks such as collecting basic information intends to create unit, intends to create unit training guidance and expert one-on-one counseling, supervision the establishment of enterprise standard system has been carried out wildly beating gongs and drums.


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