Xining Huacheng plateau forest charm summer

ten years, the forest coverage rate increased from 25% to 32%, the coverage rate increased from 30% to 40% and built the Green Zone public green area from 7.4 square meters to 12 square meters of growth.

ten years, the city’s forest coverage area from 2 million 868 thousand acres to 3 million 671 thousand and 500 acres, stumpage volume by 1 million 86 thousand cubic meters to 3 million 270 thousand cubic meters, the total output value of forestry industry increased from 30 million yuan to 247 million yuan.

a plateau landscape garden city green a charming appearance and personality, the charm of smart city. Today, Xining built area of 13520 hectares of green coverage, green area of 3398.45 hectares, urban park green area of 500.49 hectares, urban green rate of 38.62%.


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