, a reporter from the Xining city year office was informed that the current 26 year index of Xining city has been the basic standards, with a number of key projects continue to promote the "year" and have been completed, the environmental quality of Xining city has been further improved.

[]: the sky bluer measure of coal-fired boiler coal gas project, 56 emissions exceed the standard of boiler has been rectification, the city to crack down on the "black smoke"; in 947 catering units of fuel and oil comprehensive renovation of urban catering industry basically clean fuel, fume purification popularization the rate reached 83%; in the capital city in Northwest China, the first implementation of the vehicle management issued a green green standard, 132 thousand and 800 vehicles, 11 thousand and 900 vehicles yellow.

results: in 2012 the city’s air quality days reached 315 days, excellent rate of 86.07%.


]: move the water cleaner for three consecutive years, a total investment of 312 million yuan, the completion of the Huangshui River Valley of Xining 614 sewage outfall remediation, laying drainage, sewage pipe network 106.28 kilometers, nearly 100 thousand tons; to focus on remediation of the city’s 266 stone enterprises, shut down 88.

The effect of

in 11 sections: the city’s water environment function zones compliance rate increased year by year, Xiaoxia exit section of water quality has been continuously improved, the exit section of water quality compliance rate reached 83.3% for the first time exceeded 80%.

[source]: to move more net sources to implement quarterly risk focused investigation, focusing on the 62 Lake County three types of drinking water sources to conduct a comprehensive investigation; completely shut down Xining City, the first factor has exceed the standard of water; for Heiquan Reservoir Area Non-Point Source Pollution control.

results: no drinking water pollution accidents throughout the year, drinking water source water quality compliance rate of 100%.

[sound]: move more Ning starting from the management of building construction noise is of concern to the masses, 24 hours of supervision on the construction site, strict construction time requirements; Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the traffic police department joint increase Jinming district management, strengthening of speeding, horning governance and punishment; continue to promote the quiet residential construction, the layout unreasonable, noise nuisance, serious complaints from residents strong enterprises, the implementation of the relocation, shutting down the boiler room.

results: traffic trunk noise mean, regional environmental noise average of 69.8 dB, respectively, up to 54.6 db. (author: Rong Lijun)

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