Datong county educational practice, the county and township (town) leading organs, leading bodies and leading cadres to focus on outstanding educational practice to directly contact the service of the masses supervision departments and window units and service industries, pay attention to the village (community), educational practice of non-public economic organizations and social organizations the party organization, outstanding style construction, implement rectification spirit, the implementation of strict standards and strict measures, strict discipline, under the greatest determination and utmost efforts to solve the people the salient issues, so that party members and cadres to further improve the ideological style, further change, relations between the party and the masses closer to the people clean image to further establish pragmatic, grass-roots lay a solid foundation for further.

educational practice, adhere to the "Datong county Party organizations at all levels of leaders arrested, arrested leaders of the policy of" encourage leading Party cadres to higher standards, more stringent requirements, carefully organize and take the lead in educational practice, efforts to do a good job in the towns, departments and units of educational practice at the same time, consciously take the lead deep into the grassroots reality, organizational learning, take the lead in lectures, the topic of the report, the lead lead lead revealing problems, carry out criticism and self-criticism, take the lead in formulating and implement corrective measures, take the lead in helping base layer to solve practical difficulties and problems, as a good example, do the demonstration.

Party organizations at all levels to strengthen Marx’s view of the masses, party spirit and discipline and moral education, guide the majority of Party members and cadres to further strengthen their ideals and beliefs, firmly establish the sense of purpose, to strengthen public opinion, strengthen public servant consciousness, party spirit, conduct, for example; adhere to strict education, strict management and strict supervision, the unity of the with the protection of cadres’ work enthusiasm, emphasize leveraging "rectification", "to prevent the whole person".

education practice in Datong county according to the characteristics of different units in different industries, and different groups of Party members, pay attention to the different areas, different levels, different demands on activities of key content, methods, planning measures for each characteristic, to ensure that educational practice is more close to the actual and close to the actual work, close to the actual party.

Party organizations at all levels focus on the four winds issue, in-depth investigation and profound analysis, really grasp the true change, not out of "the chain", do not stay dead, with a serious attitude, done in one vigorous effort momentum, tackling the problem to solve the outstanding issues, efforts in improving the work style of thinking of the new harvest, there are new progress in resolving outstanding issues of concern to the people.

Party organizations at all levels to adhere to open the door to engage in activities, please let the people judge the public participation and supervision by the masses, listen to public opinion, public opinion for grasping improvements, according to public opinion to see results, is expected to guide the masses correctly, efforts to resolve the masses of the style is not real, not just on the effectiveness and behavior are not cheap, at to improve the ability to work for the masses, close relations between the party and the masses, serve the people on tangible results.


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