7 4, the provincial Party committee held a teleconference meeting the province’s political and legal team construction work, thoroughly implement the Provincial Standing Committee meeting of the general secretary Xi Jinping on the political and legal team building spirit of the important instructions and the national law enforcement team construction work conference spirit, the deployment of the new situation, strengthen and improve the political work team construction. Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee Wang Xiaoyong speech, President of the Provincial Higher People’s court Dong open military, the provincial people’s Procuratorate attended Bai yin.

Wang Jianjun fully affirmed the achievements in recent years, political and legal team construction in our province and the province’s political and legal system has made the contribution for the reform and development of stability, and on behalf of the provincial government to thank the majority of police officers and men and win the Comrades front.

Wang Jianjun pointed out, to clearly see the weakness of our province and in the team construction and problems to be solved, Party committees and the political and legal system to adhere to the general secretary Xi Jinping important instructions on security personnel armed minds to guide practice, promote the work; conscientiously implement the central "four grasp" five "crack" "four insistences" requirements, on the one hand the outstanding problems rectification, on the one hand the construction of long-term mechanism, in order to more stringent standards, more practical measures, training of cadres, construction team, lead the team to further enhance the political and legal team ability, provide more powerful support for the reform and development of the province’s stability.

Wang Jianjun stressed that the province’s political and legal system should pay attention to the training of cadres, use, and pay attention to the psychological management of cadres, in accordance with the "good faith, cadres to serve the people, diligent and pragmatic, dare to play, clean and honest" 20 word standard in combination with the reality of political and legal work and the law enforcement team and team building, strengthen and improve the cadre training work in order to build a good team; excellent, good with a good monitor, vice monitor, strengthen team building itself, by strengthening learning, serious political life of the party, strengthen the system construction, further improve the style of practicing the central and provincial requirements on team construction; to become standardization, specialization, according to occupation standard construction team according to the growth rule, the training team, according to the special requirements of the management team.

Wang Xiaoyong made arrangements for the work of the province’s political and legal team construction in the current and future periods, requiring law enforcement authorities at all levels to be close to the province’s reform, development and stability, efforts to break the constraints of political and legal team building institutional mechanisms, security problems, and strive to build a firm belief, law enforcement people, the courage to play, clean and honest the team of politics and law.


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