December 27th morning, the City Federation of literature and art held the six plenary Committee of the third. The meeting conveyed the spirit of the Sixth Congress of the Federation of literature and art, summed up the work of the City Federation of literature and art in 2007, put forward the work of the train of thought in 2008, elected a new president. Municipal Committee, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Minister Du Shupin on behalf of the city’s earnest hope that the city’s literary and art workers to build a culture of Xining to make greater achievements.

Du Shupin pointed out that the construction of "cultural Xining", the city’s literary and art workers a major responsibility, glorious mission, sacred duty, but also to make a difference. The literary and art workers must put forward at the Provincial Federation of the sixth congress according to Qiang Wei, Secretary of the requirements to further enhance the sense of mission and sense of responsibility, with full enthusiasm and creative passion, closely around the Party committee put forward the "culture of Xining", to build a harmonious culture, adhere to the "three close" principle the literary and artistic creation, consciously assume the mission, the efforts to create more reflect the people’s principal position and real life, loved by the masses of outstanding literary works. Du Shupin stressed that the city’s literary and art workers must firmly grasp the basic construction of the socialist core value system, and vigorously promote the construction of harmonious culture, adhere to the "orientation and the" double hundred "policy, promote the theme, advocating diversity, vigorously develop the national spirit, the spirit of the times," five special "spirit of the Tibetan Plateau and" integrity and pragmatic tolerance innovation "the spirit of Xining, the Xining people eulogize not far behind, be enthusiastic and press on to accelerate development, wealthy and strong city spirit, dig the characteristics of Xining cultural resources, efforts to create a profound thought, exquisite art, exquisite production, outstanding works in the province, with national influence, started the cultural characteristics of the brand.

Du Shupin also on the literary and art workers to improve their own quality, do the people of DeYiShuangXin artists and new ways of literary work under new situation, actively explore and put forward specific requirements. (author: Wang Zi)


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