Xining 15 high-speed toll booths around the news will be withdrawn by the Xining evening news and the Xining evening news WeChat public number published, causing a public debate. In particular, the majority of the Secretary of the staff, in addition to the hope that as soon as possible to know the specific time to adjust, but also highly concerned about the end of the adjustment of which 15 highway toll station. In this regard, September 6th, reporters from the provincial transportation department learned that this year the end of October the South Ring Expressway opened to traffic, driving members of the public can enjoy the freeway toll system bring convenient traffic preferential.

: adjust the time at the end of October after the opening of the southern Beltway

: adjust the content adjustment area the 15 toll stationsAccording to the

[2] new mainline toll station between caojiabao things exchange 2 new mainline toll station;

[cancel adjustment area toll station 15] has built 7 lines: North G6 Beijing Tibet expressway toll station ramp, Xiakou rhyme ieguchi toll station, Chaoyang toll station, wave toll stations, toll stations, Sea Lake Toba ramp toll station, Xigang toll station;

construction 8: South South Ring Expressway yanggouwan toll station, East people and road toll stations, toll stations, Huang Zhong Lu Shen Zhai Tonghai road toll stations, toll stations, toll station of West Street, the toll station, the train station north line toll station.

[open] original Datong, Laoying charge Zhuang, dawn, Guo Si Ying (DOPA) mainline toll station, built in the shop, Liu Wan, caojiabao West toll station, the high walled toll station to open toll station.  

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