To reduce air pollution caused by the volatilization of oil and gas, the city launched a comprehensive management of oil and gas recovery from last year, plans this year to complete the city’s all gas station oil and gas recovery transformation, now, half the time fleeting, but reporters from the city atmosphere office was informed that the current project progress is not smooth, the city most gas station has not been installed oil and gas recovery device, which belongs to Sinopec gas station in Xining only a completion of the task of transformation.

it is reported that plans to use two years in stages on the city’s gas station for recycling transformation of oil and gas in our city, to bid farewell to the gas station gasoline, air pollution caused by volatile oil and gas. According to the municipal government documents, this year, the city’s 115 gas stations to complete the work of governance, but the progress of this work is not smooth. The day before, in an interview with reporters in the oil gas station to see the 61 bridge, the gas station is reformed, Qinghai Petroleum Marketing Company responsible person, at present, the city’s total gas station 49, has completed the 8 transformation tasks, 5 gas station vapor recovery transformation is under construction the remaining gas station, will strive to complete the transformation task before the end of September. PetroChina Qinghai sales company in Huangyuan to promote oil and gas recycling work, the transformation of the task has been completed half.Another oil giant

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