March 12th, the four district of Xining City, three county union with Qinghai Tianlu dairy limited liability company, Xining oil and gas limited liability company, Haining green food group and other 8 enterprises, three staff representatives signed a "mutual agreement", addressing the financial crisis in the respective responsibilities made a solemn commitment.

carried out between the trade union and the enterprise and the workers of the "common agreement", can make the enterprise managers more fully realized, the workers of enterprises, the main development, get rid of the plight of workers cannot do without creation and contribution; the broad masses of workers to correctly realize the self interests of the body, and is closely related to the interests of enterprises and the country enterprise, and seek common development is pull together in times of trouble, the best choice. The move aims to safeguard the interests of workers, safeguard the interests of enterprises, and actively mobilize the masses of workers and enterprises to promote the formation of pull together in times of trouble and common development, care workers, enterprise employees, enterprises seek a good atmosphere of enterprise development and the realization of the rights of workers.

Xining City Union official told reporters, trade unions and enterprises and workers "common agreement", is in the current economic situation, the Union (on behalf of the majority of workers) and enterprises to achieve mutual benefit and win-win, on the basis of full consultation, mutual understanding and reach consensus and seek unity of action. Carry out the "common agreement" is a special agreement on the implementation of the "labor contract law" on the basis of, rather than in the "labor contract law" to another, but not the negation has the labor contract and collective contract.


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