November 28th, held in the city’s primary and secondary education work conference, meeting under the new situation, our basic education of the new changes and new challenges, the next period of time "Xining education code · high quality · the main melody, the main characteristics of" development base; determine the implementation of "4 fundamental change" goal: from pay more attention to the hardware construction of the school to pay more attention to the professional growth of teachers and standardize the management of change, from the state to pay more attention to pay more attention to the transformation from humanistic construction change, more attention to spread more scale transformation to enhance the quality, more attention from scale expansion to pay more attention to enhance the meaning of change.

in the standardization of teaching, will ensure strict complete and enough good course requirements, strict control of the student in the school time and total operation, strictly control the number of examinations, not to score ranking, not speculation in the college entrance examination scores, a number of strict control and strictly enforce the "Nearest School Students" and "three limit" policy. In the quality of education, to pursue all-round development of the students’ comprehensive quality to improve the quality, the quality of all students Dezhitimei, comprehensive and quality of personality development. The characteristics of education, school characteristics construction should follow a comprehensive, basic and endogenous principle, overall development should be geared to the needs of every student, not only to enhance the local minority students, school education should be rooted in philosophy and unique culture, rather than a simple copy and transplant. (author: Dezhou)

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