In order to improve the

"while two station" staff quality in theory and business skills, and enhance the work efficiency and service level, to ensure that the "two stood for a moment in the work of safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers to play a more active role, the morning of July 30, 2010, director of the 20 communities of Xining City West District Consumer Association area. The west district" while two station "personnel training, business laws and regulations.

Industrial and Commercial Bureau 12315 command center director Zhang to give participants the system to explain the "food safety law", "People’s Republic of China consumer protection law" focuses on the basic knowledge, skills and methods of consumer complaints; "while two station" staff how to use various ways to carry out publicity and education, improve the residents’ consciousness. Put forward clear requirements for "while two station" work as advocates, waiters, supervisors, mediators, liaison, to ensure that one of two station staff to handle simple complaints.

through training and learning, and effectively improve the "two station" staff of the theoretical level and professional quality, and for the future "a little bit of the station" the smooth development of the work laid a solid foundation.


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