is fully in the construction of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau regional modern center of Xining City, in accordance with the "overall planning, combined with the length, key breakthrough, improve together" principle, strengthen the city road traffic "hardware", construction of city vehicles, the main road travel safety, smooth road, zunzhangshouji traffic environment, to better meet city development and the needs of travel.

With the rapid development of urban construction in Xining, the construction of civilized traffic environment, the increase of transportation infrastructure, and the improvement of the urban road network system is becoming more and more urgent and important. Therefore, the smooth traffic project in Xining city as a basic project to enhance the strength of urban development, carefully build. 3 years, a total investment of $1 billion 586 million to complete the construction of 53 projects. Not only built a 16 seat footbridge, but also built a batch of underground tunnels, mechanical three-dimensional parking lot, roads and bridges, bus bays, 23 in urban roads around the isolation, the road to the city center to draw all kinds of traffic marking a total of 282 thousand and 600 square meters, the left turn waiting area set in 12 the intersection, and the new traffic signal control device and set up electronic police, adjusting the distribution of existing urban lights 162 intersection and road 125, the morphological transformation of the people’s Park, South Gate Street, Kunlun road and other parts of the intersection; open 4 city bus rapid transit route.

smooth implementation of the project, marking the urban traffic intersection channelization appearance improved significantly, significantly increased the frequency of intersection; bus bays and a low fence separating the dedicated bus lanes, bus delay and reduce the occupation of the main carriageway time; about main road isolation facilities, curb the motor free U-turn, forced to overtake, not according to the guide lanes travel and other phenomena, improve the traffic efficiency; combining pedestrian bridge and underground channel construction and center fence and sidewalk fence, reduced jaywalking, mixed vehicle phenomenon. And in the bridge construction, as far as possible to set about two-way slope ladder; road isolation, at the bus station, business market, residential quarters and other personnel section fully reserved pedestrian crossing, install pedestrian lights, draw the zebra, and selectively in the fence interval reserved for vehicle opening, organic with vehicles and pedestrians urged the efficiency and service.

Since the implementation of the

traffic flow, road traffic volume increased by 20% than the original bus, the average traffic delay rate decreased significantly, the vehicle can reach 33 km per hour on average travel speed during the peak period. The number of traffic accidents fell by 6.52%, the number of deaths fell by 40.82%, direct property losses fell by 27.59%. (author: Yuan Yuhong)


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