in December 10th this year, the City Health Bureau of health county administrative departments of construction and construction specification review criteria for the evaluation of rural health institutions made informed, pointed out that the review of the evaluation results showed that the county (District), township and village three echelon structure health institutions personnel is not reasonable, the status of medical equipment lack seriously troubled me city health and construction of the "two" activities, especially in township hospitals because of the lack of professional backbone and some medical devices and so some medical projects can not carry out the situation is very prominent.

it is reported that since the end of October, the Municipal Health Bureau professional staff, in accordance with the two level hygiene administrative department of standardization construction and rural health institutions standardization evaluation rules, 3 of the county health administrative departments, 15 district level health institutions, 462 rural health units take listening to the reports, access to information, on-site appraisal etc. the way of evaluation review. The evaluation results that, according to the Provincial Health Department of county, township and village three medical and health institutions standardization construction work "accurate positioning, perfect function, standardized service, scientific management, practical difficulties and problems at present in our city county" two construction "are mainly: district level health institutions of professional and technical backbone lack of echelon personnel structure is not reasonable, serious faults, lack of lack of medical equipment, hospital ophthalmology, ENT and other professional and technical personnel; County CDC, health supervision of the professional staff structure and equipment configuration is not up to the standard.


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