in recent years, aiming at the problem of cadres service consciousness is not strong, safe style is not real, the sense of responsibility is not in place, Xining telecommunication section dare to play hardball, prompting the construction of cadres significantly change the style.

Xining paragraph by taking the satisfaction questionnaire, the problems in 9 aspects of service consciousness, management level and safety responsibility in whole wide investigation of cadres, a total of more than and 500 questionnaires were issued, employee satisfaction rate reached 90.7%. According to the investigation of the problem, formulated the "Xining Xining paragraph paragraph notice" to strengthen and improve the work style of cadres, the "accountability" and "evaluation system" and "accountability system" and "admonishing dismissal" system, to quantify the work content and assessment standards, put forward the "skylight" must attend monthly maintenance of specific work requirements for agency professional cadres. At the same time, Xining electricity department established inspection group responsible person to the discipline committee, party office and other departments of the work style of cadres, cadres of professional monthly work track inspection, sorting the results of examination, informed in the intact range, not in place to work under the supervision of cadres "monthly work rectification notice", and assessment of wages, in intact cadres formed a capable, light let, Yongzhe the competition mechanism.


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