by the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance included in the 2012-2014 fiscal year world bank loan project Qinghai City, Xining city traffic project, plans to start construction in 2013. By then, the project will effectively alleviate the traffic pressure in the city, and enhance the ability to raise the level of traffic management, build transit city, improve public travel environment and promote sustainable economic and social development in Xining, carrying the city infrastructure.

– the main content of the project includes the construction of urban roads, public transport, intelligent transportation construction in three parts. The total investment of the project is estimated to be RMB 1 billion 510 million yuan, of which $120 million is applied to the world bank, and the local government raises RMB 790 million yuan.

The construction of

– city road project includes three roads, namely West Street (in the North Qaidam Road, South to the South Ring Expressway line, 3.52 km long, line width of 50 meters), 54 West Road West (West of West Street, No. four East Road, 3.6 km long, red line width about 60 meters) and No. five road (North Qaidam Road, South 54 Road West, about 1.1 km long, line width of 40 meters).

– the new improved public transportation passenger transport hub transfer center Yan village a (covers an area of 14.19 hectares, the total construction area of about 167151 square meters), the new bus dispatching center (a total construction area of about 800 square meters), and the acquisition of intelligent dispatching and monitoring equipment, while the 54 – 54 West Street (West Street to the Yangtze River the road, about 15.6 km long) built bus connecting the city center and the west of the city priority demonstration corridor.

– intelligent transportation construction, on the 54 Road (West Street – sunning Road) city traffic system improvement, the implementation of traffic signal control area of the road, supporting the construction of electronic police, traffic TV monitoring system. (author: Shi Fei)



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