2012 China summer tourism city list released Xining ranked fifth

Xining July 26th (reporter Jiang Changyong) hot summer, which is the most cool? Recently, the Asia Pacific Environmental Protection Association, Chinese Institute of city competitiveness, China society of land economics research center, national economic development China city travel magazine and other agencies, jointly selected the "2012 China summer tourist city rankings". Qinghai City, Xining ranked fifth, the province of Qingdao, Yantai, Rizhao and Weihai were ranked fourth, twelfth, sixteenth and eighteenth.

it is understood that the list of basic evaluation indexes including the distinctive cultural and ecological tourism resources and industrial development advantage "and" with summer summer type temperature, sunshine, air, wind, rain, ultraviolet air humidity, air quality, high negative ion amount and sun comprehensive climate comfort advantage "" the vegetation coverage and land greening rate, sand and dust weather and less effect refreshing leisure environment better. "" the main river water quality is better or more obvious effect on comprehensive management, the public and tourists can obtain good hydrophilic feeling "8.

was selected in the 2012 Chinese ten summer tourist city ": Guiyang City, Kunming City, Harbin City, Qingdao City, Xining City, Lijiang City, Liupanshui City, Chengde City, Yuxi City, the new town as the representative of the group of Hongxinglong reclamation area of Heilongjiang. Kunming air quality in the country is relatively good, Dianchi to improve water quality, traffic environment has improved significantly in the year and Guiyang tied for the top.

Xining summer average temperature 17-19 degrees, cool and pleasant. With the natural landscape and rich cultural landscape, natural and cultural tourist destination is the showcase; here has the ancient religious culture, Jiang Heyuan unique stone culture, golden color, rich natural Forest Park, snow capped mountains, valleys, Danxia landform, Qifeng, grassland as a whole, is a natural summer resort. The China xiadou has become worthy of the name. This year, a ranking, ranked fifth.


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