October 21st, Xigang Village District Chengbei District of Xining City, heard bursts of praise. This is the magician Li Zhixing at home to perform magic for residents. He saw a red empty cloth bag gently on the table for two, there is nothing in the bag into an egg. "We can then turn out egg Oh", laughing, bag and emit an egg.

74 year old Li Lao retired from school, still keen on magic. Community activities, he went to join; there are companies to ask him to perform, he does not refuse; neighbors asked him to perform, he was happy. "Magic for more than 50 years, I can not do without magic." Li Lao said that if someone to learn from him, he will be able to impart skills to others, to be able to spread their skills down, I am happy!"

and his magic place is the most out of the ordinary magic props are made, these props are his baby, a lot of people think the magic in the main props, Li Lao said this, in fact, practiced magic people know, unless complicated magic, magic is basically divided into seven methods, three props". "He usually particularly love carpentry, watch repair, he is a man of ability is strong." Li Lao’s wife, Yu Bing, said.

"when I was president at school, the students gave me a nickname called" brilliant idea "." Li Lao said, magic can not do without thinking and repeated practice." And his neighbor’s friends also think that Li Lao is smart and studious.

how did Li Lao become attached to magic? Before Li Lao in the Northeast home high school, on the way to school every day, he always saw several people stall prestidigitation, simple life props can conjure up a lot of new things, this would allow curiosity strong Li Zhixing is very interested in the spare time he devoted to the magic behind the secret, wonder everyday the trick is how to change. After a while, he studied several tricks that could have been performed.

"when I was in the army, I saw an acrobatic show once, and there was a magic show. I was impressed by it." Li Lao said, then he worshiped the magician as a teacher, when the rest will go to see the master’s performance, he has been fascinated by magic show, "master think I am diligent and smart, not only I really into the magic of the door, also taught me to make magic props."

magic not only allows me to feel happy, but also allows the audience to relax pressure, feel the magic." There was a time when Li Lao and his wife took the train back home, a four year old child has been Kuku noisy car, Li Lao took out a cylinder from the pocket of the small package, let it go down, it comes down to somersault, tilt, bamboo is obedient to somersault, small friends see magic, smile through tears so interesting, he shouted let Li Lao jiao.

now, Li Lao can perform more than a dozen large-scale magic on the stage, you can perform fifty kinds of magic. ;

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