December 1st, organized by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Qinghai daily news, the newspaper hosted the eighteen schools through the spirit of · harmonious community line, the activities will enter the small bridge area of the fourth. "Let’s go to the bridge to see the show tomorrow!" "Ha ha, just rest tomorrow, I must go with my family." November 30th, the news published in this newspaper, so many community residents pay special attention to.

"fourth games, I’m ready to take the kids together, and then let the children write a composition." Thai community residents long Ceng Jun said, "learned through the spirit of eighteen · the harmonious community" activities, a wonderful than a star, the community and the community staff each activity for everyone to show the rich flavor of life show, infected with every member of the audience. "I’m not only going to watch the show, I’m going to do it." Community star Bai Lin said, she has participated in the "learning through the spirit of the eighteen · harmonious community line" two activities, feel the warm atmosphere, we have a high degree of enthusiasm to participate in. (author: Zhang Pu)


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