Huangyuan county cadres in contact with the masses in the work of basic services, innovative ways of working, change the style of work, the full implementation of the "work law", strive to build a new pattern of Huimin party, to create a new brand of service-oriented grassroots party building, Party members and cadres to serve the people effectively promote the normalization, successfully explored a new road the party and the people’s livelihood is promoting the harmony.

– understanding the social situation in the line. combined with the cadres to the countryside to carry out the "five to send five five to help push" activities, "the introduction of" seven five county leaders visit "system" and "hundreds of leading cadres union hundred villages" opinions ", 25 county-level leading cadres take the lead, and contact the Department in charge of in-depth Township Village (community) to guide the work effectively to promote the transformation of cadres center of gravity and style, the close relation between the party and the masses. The county’s 274 kejiyishang leading cadres and village twinning village to carry out aid activities, carry out investigation and research of Party members and cadres grass-roots level. Every leading cadres in-depth contact point of not less than 30 days, every point of contact for the masses to do at least 2 things, and do the "public record", all Party members and cadres to truly understand the masses think and hope, needed to help solve practical problems. At the same time, vigorously promote pragmatic work style, streamline all kinds of meetings and documents, leading cadres at all levels to make time, to make efforts to implement the work.

in front of the people to solve problems. in accordance with the "guiding service in line, letters received in the line, solve the problem in the first" principle, the organization of the county Party and government cadres in-depth Rural line, extensive urban and rural Party twinning activities, take the county departments and by helping the village organization activities, the main leadership village site office, Party building for the people service to the countryside and other forms of active for rural people, people or solution. The elaboration of urban and rural Party branch twinning programs, helping to further refine the content, and carry out the "100 organ

rel= cause unit Party branch twinning activities, the 188 branch of province and city and county long-term helping the county 146 villages, effectively promote the complementary advantages of grassroots party organizations in urban and rural areas, such as agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau of Party and faction cadres to help farmers to develop" order
Agricultural "," nofollow "the
5800 acres of edible fungus, garlic seedling and other characteristics of crops to achieve sales orders, increase farmers income 62 million 500 thousand yuan. "Military enterprises build a model village" activities in the agricultural sector and the construction unit to fully cooperate with the 18 to build the village has been the implementation of infrastructure construction, industrial development, public service system construction project 24 class 114.

– in line to provide;

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