in order to further improve the city’s primary and middle school students cultural quality, enhance students’ consciousness, the establishment in February 26th, the city Department of Education issued the content in March this year to December the city’s architectural theme of educational practice in primary and middle schools.

March, the city’s primary and secondary schools to carry out the "primary and secondary school teachers and enhance the quality of the project and establishment of daily speech activities, carry out the" seminar on practice of socialist concept of honor and disgrace, shaping Xining teachers’ new image "; in April, to carry out primary and secondary school students to study, to" build the city beautician who "main force" salute to the practical experience May, to carry out activities; "Scholarly Campus, to read the society, let the campus by reading a respected" series of reading cultural activities; June, organize the students to carry out 6· 5 day "publicity and education activities; July, August, during the summer vacation, to carry out my parents and family reading activities, reading the same" organization students to the city to carry out a series of activities of social practice base in primary and middle schools; September, carry out the "series of activities of moral education activities"; in October, the provincial and municipal development "Green school"; in November, to carry out the civilized class and campus and campus cultural activities to create a demonstration school; in December, to carry out educational practice to obey the traffic rules, traffic safety guards as the theme.


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