June 30th, the province’s comprehensive medical reform work conference held in Xining. Before the meeting, the governor and provincial health reform group leader Hao Peng made important instructions on our comprehensive reform work, he pointed out that the comprehensive deepening medical reform and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen big and great practice of four comprehensive strategic layout. This year, the state will be identified as the province’s comprehensive medical and health system reform pilot provinces, which is the biggest support for the development of health care in our province, but also fully affirmed the work of the province and trust. To the comprehensive health care reform the national pilot as a significant opportunity to promote the development of health services in our province, to tackle tough, Strike while the iron is hot., bold exploration, struggling to build the Qinghai health care reform upgrade, accumulated useful experience for the national health care reform, let more reform bonus better benefit the people of all ethnic groups.Provincial

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