According to the national pornography working group deployed pornography leading group decided this year from mid April to November, in the province to carry out unified crackdown on pornographic information and publications, to protect the physical and mental health of teenagers pornography · net net 2014 special action. In many areas, multi sector, strike out a comprehensive inventory of online pornographic information and publications on the market to crack down on pornographic publications, pornographic information and publications in accordance with the law of illegal activities, and actively create a clean network space and good social cultural environment.

the special action to carry out four main aspects: a comprehensive inventory of online pornographic information; punish dissemination of pornographic information production enterprises and personnel; strictly implement the main responsibility for Internet companies; dereliction of responsibility seriously investigated. During the special action, the majority of people can call the provincial anti pornography report phone 0971-6250000 or send mail to
[email protected]. Clues to verify the truth, the province pornography report center will be rewarded in accordance with the relevant measures to reward informants, and in accordance with the law to protect the personal information and security informants.  

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