November 26th, the Xining Federation of trade unions recognized a number of outstanding trade unions and advanced individuals.

Huangyuan County, Heping Township, Union area of 10 units was awarded the title of advanced trade unions, the president of Xining city first occupation technical school union Ma Shengping 10 comrades were awarded the title of outstanding workers, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Senfang Zhanfuzhanchang Qi Xiaoqiang 10 comrades were awarded the title of outstanding trade union activists, the government of Xining City Vice Mayor Zhang Aihong 10 comrades were awarded the "Friends of the workers" title.

Xining currently has nearly two hundred and fifty thousand members of the trade union. In recent years, the trade union organizations at all levels to create a "home of workers" activities as the carrier, to fulfill the duties of safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of workers, for the workers to do good things, problem-solving things, the emergence of a number of outstanding unions and advanced individuals, by the staff welcome.


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